Essay in the discipline “Psychology” takes from 25 to 45 pages. Whatever the topic, the structure of the project is always the same: the title page, the page with the content, introduction, main part, conclusion, list of sources used.
Based on this structure, we will give recommendations on writing a term paper on psychology.

Title page. Here you need to specify information about the university, department, specialty and topic, the student wrote the Essay and checking teachers, year and place of implementation. When you make a title page, remember that the page number is not affixed to it.

Content. Here is a list of the main structural elements, chapters, paragraphs, which contains the Essay, with an indication of the pages of their beginning. From this point on, the term paper on the subject “Psychology” is numbered, the number is affixed usually in the upper right corner or down center.

Introduction takes 2-3 pages. Here it is necessary to substantiate the relevance, indicate the purpose of the work, the main tasks, set hypotheses, the subject, object and methods of research, scientific practical value. Write your own introduction will help acquaintance with theses and scientific articles. Where can I borrow an example of justifying the relevance of a similar topic and the definition of the goal of the essay.

The urgency should show how important your research is, what problems of our time it should help solve. To better define its importance, we recommend listing the main scientists who worked in the same direction, indicating the aspects that they investigated. And at the end write down what moments have remained unexplored, and what exactly your Essay is aimed at.

The goal indicates why you are doing this research at all, for example, to generalize and systematize theoretical aspects, find solutions to a specific problem, or identify a connection between two factors.
The number of tasks is determined by the number of paragraphs you plan to write. To formulate, rephrase the names of the paragraphs using the words “studied”, “investigated”, “examined”.

The main hypothesis is an assumption that you put forward and you want to confirm or refute.

Specify the subject and object of study. Object is the area you are planning to explore. The subject is always a narrower specific concept than an object. We can say that this is a certain niche, the concretization of the object.
After that, you need to write your own research methods. Remember that you should specify only those methods that you actually used in the work and the essence of which is well understood.

The scientific value of essay work is the ability to use them as a basis for further research. Practical significance implies the possibility of applying the results obtained in real life.

Main part. To write the main part independently, a theoretical review of the literature on the selected issues is carried out and analysis is performed. To write the main part you need to complete two or three chapters. Study all theoretical aspects of the selected issue, indicate the methods of collecting and analyzing information that will be used later.

The study itself in the discipline “Psychology” most often takes the form of an experiment that establishes a causal relationship between individual factors. The last chapter consists of interpreting the results, developing recommendations if necessary. Methodical recommendations that are given to the student usually contain detailed instructions on how to write a essay work in psychology in chapters on their own.

Final conclusions. Here you need to show all aspects of the work performed. The volume of their not more than 2 pages. We advise to focus on the sub-results of the chapter with analysis and recommendations.
List of used literature. The list is constructed in order of appearance of sources in the text or alphabetically. In the latter case, the regulatory legal acts are first indicated, the works of scientists by the names of their authors, and at the end a list of Internet resources is given.

References to sources are made out with the help of links or footnotes. To write a link you need to use square brackets, which indicates the sequence number of the source and the page from which the information was taken. The link is made using the corresponding menu item of the text editor, and below is a brief information about the source.

essay work in the direction of “Psychology” often contains applications that help to better understand its essence, for example, forms of self-developed questionnaires, grading scales. Bulky tables, charts or graphs are also included here, as well as useful, but secondary data.
Student advice

Essay usually takes about 35-40 pages, of which two or three are in the introduction. Introduction to the term paper is located immediately after the title page and content with a list of chapters and an indication of the pages from which they begin. Introduction is not only the beginning of term paper, but also the first stage of its implementation.